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Testimonial: On the Graduate Mentorship Program

On the Graduate Mentorship Program

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On Clinical Practice

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On Physiology

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Sharon’s teaching skills are well-suited to the task she assigns herself; to demystify diagnosis and treatment in Chinese medicine. Her knowledge is based on many years of study and clinical practice and her methods are simple and clear. Most of all Sharon teaches with an enthusiasm that is contagious.
Andy Ellis

After taking the first 6 of 8 weekends in the Graduate Mentorship Program series, the sales of herbal formulas at my clinic has doubled.  This does not reflect a get rich scheme but, shows an increased level of confidence in my diagnostic and prescriptive skills.  With the knowledge I have gained from these classes my treatment results have been more consistent and I am treating a wider range of problems.

Sharon’s depth of knowledge and appreciation for Chinese Medicine makes her classes inspiring and easy to listen to.  Because the classes have been taped and formatted as audio and presentation downloads I have been able to listen to the material again and again.  Thank you Sharon for all of the work you have done to make this information so useful in clinic and so easy to study and understand.

David Milbradt, Abundance Acupuncture, Wisconsin

Sharon Weizenbaum’s Graduate Mentorship Program is an invaluable clinical resource that takes the guesswork out of practicing Chinese Herbal Medicine. Before enrolling in the GMP, there were many days when I could not explain why some of my treatments helped patients improve and why other treatments failed. Often, I had trouble making a logical connection between my diagnosis and treatment strategy. I didn’t want to fall into the trap of chasing symptoms around, treating symptoms without the ability to understand the root problem, so I knew I needed help.

Sharon’s GMP offers a step by step process for assessing patients, diagnosing their conditions, and providing effective treatment. The diagnostic techniques Sharon teaches are much clearer and much more complete than anything I learned in TCM school. She offers a logical, thorough, repeatable process that works for any condition we’ll see in clinic.

This is a mentorship program and Sharon goes out of her way to make herself available to us, individually as well as in group. The teaching materials are first rate. Before each module, Sharon compiles and distributes detailed notebooks complete with herbal formulas and diagrams. You have the option of traveling to her clinic for weekend seminars or taking them in the comfort of your home via live streaming. After the course, Sharon produces an audio-visual presentation of the weekend, so you can review the material over and over again. These aids are so beneficial when you are learning to deepen your practice and approach to diagnosis and treatment.

As a practitioner who focuses on treating gynecological conditions, I appreciate the three weekends we spent on Women’s Bleeding Disorders, Infertility, Pregnancy and Post-Partum Illness. The study in these areas is already making a huge difference in treatment outcomes. I highly recommend this course to both new and seasoned practitioners.”

Njemile Jones

Sharon’s course is a great source of inspiration to me as an herbalist and a teacher of Chinese medicine. Her clarity about issues of diagnosis allowed me to use the somewhat random information I have accumulated over the years in a much more practical and systematic way. With some application on the part of the student the course can really take one from a place of “now what?” to a place of systematic understanding. It also clearly links the treatment method to the diagnosis, making it very practical and effective.

Par Scott, LMT, MAOM, Lic Ac
After graduation from acupuncture school, I would often ask myself, “Who can I go to when I have a question on a patient? Who am I going to ask about formulas/herbs that are clinically relevant?” I tried posting to message boards but some of my questions went unanswered. I went to many CEU classes but most were limited to a specific topic or were just too short in time to get into specifics. I even tried to get a few “seasoned practitioners” to mentor me (with a resounding N-O)

Then I found Sharon. I have almost completed her Graduate Mentorship program in Chinese herbology and I can honestly say that I am a very different practitioner. She has revolutionized my way of thinking about Chinese Medical diagnosis. I used to believe that if the patient had night sweats, that they had yin vacuity- even if they had a big, fat, wet, pale swollen tongue! Sharon has given me the tools to diagnose every patient, complicated or not. When I am unsure of a particular case, I can post it via the message board and I KNOW that it will be personally looked at and critiqued by Sharon.

It is the best thing that I have ever done. If you are having difficulty with your complicated patients or just want to take yourself to the next level of proficiency in herbology, take Sharon’s class. It has truly made me more confident and more successful in my herbal treatments and I cannot thank her enough.

Candace Jania, L.Ac., FABORM, Pluckemin, NJ

Having taken Sharon’s course for the second time, I feel I have only just barely grasped her tremendous knowledge. Her course offers limitless opportunity for self-improvement, as well as great utilization of high tech tools and the internet. She is an inspiring practitioner and teacher, with the integrity and dedication to our medicine that is fairly unmatched. She grows between every class and generously offers the newest of her thoughts every time, as well as the incredible synthesis that has occurred over her lifetime as a physician. I have changed completely my thinking about herbal prescribing from her course. I highly recommend this course to develop yourself as a thinker in the medicine, and to develop in yourself the ability to accurately diagnose and effectively treat your patients.

Laura Christiansen, L.Ac.

The Graduate Mentorship Program has been the most educational experience I have had since I graduated from Chinese Medicine school eight years ago. Sharon is one of the best teachers in the United States. She has impressive clinical skills and herbal medicine knowledge as well as an eloquent and clear way of explaining the complexities inherent in Chinese medicine. One of the most valuable tools I have learned from this program is how to think in a systematic way in order to synthesize a diagnosis. For that I am forever grateful. I recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to improve their clinical skills.

David A. Trevino, L.Ac.

The post-graduate herbal course with Sharon at White Pine Healing Arts has been really wonderful.  Not only am I a much more adept herbalist, but I feel very confident with my diagnosis skills.  Sharon really helped me to narrow down my patients’ signs and symptoms so that I may make a clear, concise diagnosis and treat accordingly.

Julie Stapleton, Newport, RI
I have thoroughly enjoyed all of Sharon’s classes and go out of my way to hear her lectures. It is so important to learn from someone who really loves the herbs and who can help us be precise in our diagnosis. Through my herbal training with Sharon I have even become more skilled in acupuncture after years of private practice and teaching in this field. Best of all, I am grateful to be with someone who shares my joy of Chinese Medicine.
Kathleen Poole, M.S., L.Ac., Groton, CT

This is the class for you if you are ready to sharpen your TCM diagnosis skills. Sharon’s grasp of Definitive Diagnosis will increase your effectiveness as a Chinese herbalist. I highly recommend it!

Patricia Faivre, L.Ac., Diplomate of Chinese Herbology

This class has helped me think through more accurate diagnosis, given me clear herbal information especially for gynecology, raised my understanding of basic yin/yang theory, and made me more confident in my prescriptions. Thanks for coming out to New Mexico, Sharon!

Mary Jo McIlhon, DOM, Santa Fe, NM
This class is perhaps the most important education I have received so far in my short career studying chinese medicine. In school I learned how to be a technician. This class brings the art of herbal medicine alive because Sharon so openly shares her clinical experience and knowledge with the class, along a very grounded explanation of the the principles which underlie the methods of Chinese herbal medicine. Sharon’s method of diagnosis has turned the ‘complicated case’ into something that is understandable and easier to work with. The resources she has made available to us as notebooks and on the website make it very easy to build a formula that really fits. I walk away from this class with lots of tools to use in the clinic, as well as a profound confidence in the power of Chinese herbal medicine.
Jennifer Tongren, Amherst, MA

When I first went to school for acupuncture, I was aware that what we were learning were the basics to get started. Not long after school, it was apparent that learning more indepth and ongoing information in every aspect of Oriental Medicine is essential for successful practice. Sharon’s class these last two years has provided so much of what I’ve been looking for ~ a simple and effective framework for diagnosis that is rooted in the classics of Oriental Medicine and an expansive knowledge in the use of herbal formulas with my patients. Sharon’s passion for Oriental Medicine and preserving the classics in practice is profoundly obvious in every weekend and in every topic! Not only useful, Sharon’s information and the way she delivers it is refreshing. I am inspired to incorporate herbal medicine even more into my own practice. Thank you, Sharon. I look forward to learning more with you!

Linda Jackson, Great Barrington, MA

The Graduate Mentorship program has been one of my most valuable learning experiences thus far. Sharon’s style of teaching about Chinese medicine really transforms it from the one-dimensional pages of textbooks to a much richer, three-dimensional life experience. She teaches about herbs as though they are people, each with distinct personalities and characteristics of their own. For the first time, many of these herbs and formulas have finally sunk into my consciousness, and I feel like I understand them more than I ever have before.Sharon’s enthusiasm for Chinese medicine is infectious.  I leave each weekend with a renewed sense of  purpose, possibility, and passion for what I do. She opens my eyes to new approaches to difficult cases, and her voice is always in the back of my head, reminding me not to fall into the same old habits of the past. I feel like I could take this class every year and still get so much out of it. In fact, I might just do that! Anybody who takes this class will grow leaps and bounds as a practitioner.

Kim Sullivan

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