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White Pine | Sharon Weizenbaum

Program Structure

  • The full program is broken down into eight topical topical ‘courses.’ Each course contains six modules. Modules are added on Friday every two weeks and remain available for the entire program. Each module is a learning unit that contains the following:
    • A three-hour live online and recorded class on the current topic
    • A dedicated discussion forum for the current topic. You are invited to ask questions and share insight and experience throughout the program. Sharon responds to each post.
    • Readings, audio, or video related to the current topic
      • Readings include articles from a variety of authors, as well as ebooks compiled and translated by Sharon Weizenbaum. Over 15 ebooks are given through the program, totaling over 2000 pages of well-organized material that will serve as a clinical manual in years to come.
    • A facilitate-learning quiz designed to support learning through engagement
    • A live online Q & A to answer questions and discuss the current topic.
  • Additional Support
    • Each student is assigned a TA who will be working with you on diagnosis and formula choice skill development through the program
    • Your TA will also help you transform a case from your practice using the diagnostic process outlined in the program. Sharon will review this case and your process in a way that will tremendously help you hone your skills.
    • Each student has access to our student library, which is full of additional resources.
  • Student Library
  • Methods of attendance
    • Students can stream live online or participate at their convenience.
    • Students can combine methods of attendance. Many students across the globe have completed this course.
    • Students who complete the program have the option of retaking it for about 30% of the regular cost.
  • NCCAOM, IL, CA, and ABORM approve each course for 18 CEU/PDA credits. Thus, the total number of CEU/PDA credits for the entire program of eight courses is 144.

Program Credit

The Graduate Mentorship Program is approved for 18 CEU/PDA credits per Course, for a total of 8 Courses.

    • NCCAOM (Course 2 offers three each of safety and ethics and 12 core PDA credits)
    • California (Pending for Course 1, Provider # 679)
    • Canada
    • Illinois
    • ABORM
    • Please contact us at whitepinegmp@gmail.com if you want us to help obtain credits for your country. Many countries accept NCCAOM credits.

Video Testimonials

Click a thumbnail to view student feedback about various aspects of the course.

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On the Graduate Mentorship Program

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On Clinical Practice

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On Physiology

Testimonial: On Additional Resources

On Additional Resources

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