Reflective Learning Pathways

When the White Pine Circle launches on New Year’s Day, it will be like the starting up of an endless, ever-changing carousel of beautiful, useful, relevant-to-your-practice resources.  Every month new resources will be posted including video teaching, live roundtable discussions, ebooks, tea-time talks, translations, and more.  We are an open collective of nerdy colleagues, who love Traditional East Asian Medicine and can’t help ourselves but share what we love.

However, the REALLY cool thing the White Pine Circle is offering is TheReflective Learning Pathways.  These pathways are available to members (free!) as a way to progress through resources in a more structured way so that they become like a course.  For now, we have the following five pathways members can follow: Classical Formulas, Chinese Herbs, Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Going Deep with Zhang Zhongjing’s Lines.  More to come. Following a pathway is a way to engage in our resources that gives the practitioner structure and support as they move through the resources.  AND, at the completion of a pathway, the practitioner receives a certificate, a prestigious badge to show on your profile for referrals, support from a mentor, and a wonderful gift.  All of this is free with membership.

An important component of the learning pathways is the reflective part of them.  As the participant reads […]

Early Bird Rate Extended to April 1, Chicago and Shen Nong

A new round of the White Pine Graduate Mentorship Program is beginning October 23,2020.  We’ve extended the early-bird rate to April 1, 2020.  For more information about this two-year training in diagnosis and treatment with classical Chinese herbal medicine, click here.

March 14th and 15, I am teaching a two-day program in downtown Chicago on Treating the Life Force with Classical Chinese Herbalism.  For those who would like to know more or register, click here. 

Finally, I will be on a panel at the annual Shen Nong Society Conference in New York City, March 21-22, 2020.  This is a wonderful conference, in part because it is relatively small and intimate.  You’ll have a chance to study with Volker Scheid and Suzanne Robidoux.

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Inviting Bewilderment: A Day-Long Workshop

I met Ben Walker when I was taking a class in Chicago.  He and his then girlfriend, now wife, Emily Hildebrand were considering moving to Western Massachusetts and so, introduced themselves to me during a class break.  When Ben and Emily moved from Chicago, they ended up working at White Pine Healing Arts for a short time while they got settled.  Now, two exquisite children later, they own and run the Greenfield Community Acupuncture, in Greenfield, MA, just north of me and have remained friends.

Ben is now offering a day-long workshop November 23, 2019 in the Greenfield area that I’m proud to endorse! Inviting Bewilderment

A bit about Ben: He is an acupuncturist and herbalist whose  practice is rooted in traditions of both the East and the West.   Beyond his clinical work, Ben is called to delve into the re-animation and re-enchantment of the modern worldview, through land-based practices that interweave the more-than-human, the all-too-human, and all points between.”

In a nutshell, this class is part of a new project that aims to explore the fertile borderlands between the commonly held ideas of the human and the natural worlds.  It will consist of guided meditations, exercises to facilitate connection with the medicine of plants and of the land itself, history, lore, wanderings, wonderings, and […]

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Thank you!

Hello friends,

I've been working hard to create the new White Pine website. It has now been launched! This means that registration is open for the 2018 Graduate Mentorship Program.  The new program will take place through a learning management system called Canvas. I am just so excited by the possibilities that this new platform offers. It is user-friendly and rich with interactive content. You'll be hearing more about the new course so stay tuned.

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April 1st marks the opening of Our New Complimentary Medicine Clinic!

Constipation, weight gain, headaches, pain, acid reflux, acne. This list is endless. Our health history form should be called a "lack of health history form". How depressing to list all your problems and then have someone go over it with a fine toothed comb! I was sick of all this NEGATIVITY and so were my co-workers. It is just so YIN!

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