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Treatment of Mutes: Children and Horses

In Chinese medicine, treating young children is sometimes referred to as the treatment of mutes.  This points to the fact that young children are unable to communicate their experience with words.  Practitioners have to rely on signs, most often with the help of the parents.  Does the child throw off their blankets at night or do they want more covers?  Are they clingy or resistant to being held?  Is their cry loud or whimpery?  Treating animals is much the same.  Though, as a practitioner, I try to hone my observation skills, like most practitioners, I also rely on the patient’s verbal articulation of their experience.  Treating beings who cannot express this way can be quite difficult.  This is why my confidence in treating animals is shaky.

A recent case in point:  My horse Jasper has had a chronic cough.  It was never a bad cough but enough that I noticed.  Over time I have tried moistening his hay in case it was caused by dust and I’ve tried several herbal formulas.  Admittedly, the formulas I chose were not well thought out.  It was more of a “maybe I’ll try this” approach.  I think this approach is common for practitioners when we don’t have a lot of confidence and part of the reason for […]

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Yu Guo-Jun Course Explained

I made this short video to explain just what the upcoming course with Dr. Yu Guo-Jun offers. I think you will see that this is an innovative and rich learning environment. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Incredible Interactive Online Classic Formula Learning Opportunity

Have you ever wanted to go deeply into a body of Chinese medical knowledge, taking your time, making sure you really get what is being taught in a way that allows you to integrate it into your clinic?  Have you wanted to do this with the guidance of supportive leading practitioners and scholars in our field, able to ask them questions and clarify your confusions?  Have you wanted to do this in a community of learners that you get to know over time as you share your clinical quandaries and successes?

Well, here is your chance.  Based on the highly successful learning environment created by White Pine Institute for the Graduate Mentorship Program, a unique learning opportunity has been created.

Last March, Dr. Yu Guo-Jun,  author of A Walk Along the River, and A Walk Along the River II, came to the eastern United States to teach.  He taught two lectures at the Shen Nong Society conference in NYC, on Wu Mei Wan and Ministerial Fire.  Then he taught for three wonderful days through White Pine Institute in Amherst, MA teaching 1) From Complexity to Simplicity, 2) Learning from Mistaken Treatment and 3) Dr. Yu’s 10 Favorite […]

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Walk Along the River II: Review for The Lantern

Dr. Yu Guo-Jun

I am writing a review of Dr. Yu Guo-Jun’s new book, A Walk Along the River II for The Lantern Journal.  This text, published by Eastland Press, is meant to come out soon, March hopefully!  One reason I wanted to write this review is so I could read it as soon as possible.  Given how remarkably excellent volume I is in regard to clinical value, I figured that Dr. Yu has much more to teach me.  I am not disappointed!  The new book is a powerful companion to his first book with chapters on the following:

Disorders of Qi, Blood and Body Fluids
Generalized Disorders
Gynecology and Obstetrics
Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat
and an appendix of Time and Space in Chinese Medical Therapeutics

It’s a stellar text!  However, not only do we have this text coming to us soon, we have the chance to study directly with this massively brilliant, warm and articulate physician. In case you have not already registered, Dr. Yu will be teaching live and live-streamed in Amherst, MA March 15-17, 2019.   The topics are Learning From Mistaken Treatments, From Complexity to Simplicity and Dr. Yu’s Ten Favorite Formulas.  We hope you can join us!  In addition, Dr. Yu will be teaching at the Shen Nong Society Conference on […]

A Confused State Precedes a “Trial Treatment”

The excerpt below is from Volume II of Dr. Yu Guo-Jun’s excellent text entitled A Walk Along the River.  (Thank you Eastland Press!) This volume will be released in early spring of 2019, just before Dr. Yu’s visit to the United States, Seattle, New York, and Amherst, MA.  This case gives you an idea as to the depth of Dr. Yu’s thinking process when treating this patient’s chronic fever. As you will see when Dr. Yu teaches, he uses Cheng Yu frequently.  Cheng Yu  are short Chinese phrases similar to sayings like “it takes two to tango” or “six of one, half dozen of the other.”   His texts are riddled with meaningful Cheng Yu.  In this case, it is 茫無頭緒先“試探” “A confused state precedes a trial treatment.”

About Dr. Yu’s Teaching in Amherst, March 15-17, 2019 (Learn More ››)

For many of us, being confused about a case can easily make us doubt our own abilities.  Here, Dr. Yu uses the fact that the case is confusing both to diagnose and to set up his intentions as “trial.”  Acting on diagnosis as hypotheses followed by an experiment allows Dr. Yu to learn from the case.  Confusion, in this case, means two things: first, it means that it is likely that the […]

Coming to White Pine! Dr. Yu Guo-Jun, Author of A Walk Along The River

White Pine Institute is proudly announcing a three-day seminar with Dr. Yu Guo-Jun.  Dr. Yu is the author of A Walk Along the River, one of the most informative and accessible Chinese medical texts to ever be published.  Dr. Yu is known for his friendly, warm and rich teaching style.  His instruction is based on his long apprenticeship with the well-known Sichuan practitioner, Dr. Jiang Yu-Guang and his fifty years of practice with classical formulas.  Dr. Yu started his career as an economist, but due to the Cultural Revolution, he was sent to the countryside.  This is where he learned Chinese medicine in the traditional manner.  In spite of, or perhaps because of Dr. Yu’s lack of formal institutional training, his way of working and teaching are unique and profoundly traditional.  Dr. Yu became a practitioner at the Leshan hospital where he works to this day, taking over the teaching of seminars from Dr. Jiang.  It was Dr. Yu’s seminars that became the basis of his first text, A Walk Along the River.  Volume Two is scheduled to come out in the spring of 2019.

We are also thrilled to have Michael FiztGerald as Dr. Yu’s interpreter.  Michael […]

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