Yan Xiaoping

Four Great New Courses

Today 4 new White Pine Institute courses are being launched.  These courses represent a range of what we are interested in here at the institute.  Below I go into some detail about the course on Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum and it’s origins in theGraduate Mentorship Program – but before that, here are links to find out more information or purchase the 4 spanking new courses as well as a link to short excerpts form each of the courses for you to check out:

Link to view excerpts from each course

Information about each course


Update on China Trip

The study abroad trip to Nanjing is at this moment coming to an end after great success! There is talk of another course this summer so stay tuned. (The best way to make sure you hear about such opportunities is to sign up for the White Pine Newsletter).  There was a good contingent of students who have studied through White Pine Institute participating in the tour which was led by Greta Young Jie De.  Greta is a well know practitioner, interpreter, author, scholar in her own right and…. […]

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