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Four Great New Courses

Today 4 new White Pine Institute courses are being launched.  These courses represent a range of what we are interested in here at the institute.  Below I go into some detail about the course on Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum and it’s origins in theGraduate Mentorship Program – but before that, here are links to find out more information or purchase the 4 spanking new courses as well as a link to short excerpts form each of the courses for you to check out:

Link to view excerpts from each course

Information about each course


In Winter Eat Radish. In Summer Eat Sheng Jiang

It may seem counter intuitive to eat Sheng Jiang – fresh ginger – in summer to stay healthy.  After all, summer is hot and Sheng Jiang is also hot.  However, this is an extremely important concept to master as a practitioner of Chinese medicine because it relates to the storage and dissipation of our very life force.

In summer, our bodies become an open system with our pores opening to deal with the heat.  Because of this both our fluids and our Yang are dissipated throughout the summer.  The external heat of summer opens our bodies and is the season in which Yang is lost.  On the other hand, during the winter our bodies close up in response to the external cold.  It is the season in which Yang is then stored.  Dr. Huang Huang explains this in a short presentation how it is that winter is the time in which hot illnesses proliferate.  With the pores closed, the Yang can get pent up and fail to vent.  This can lead to hot illnesses.

One can extrapolate from these ideas to the whole concept of venting and storage.  When we ask our patients the questions necessary to come to our diagnosis, we must explore both how all the venting systems are working […]

Huang Huang's Pediatric Course

July ended in the most wonderful way here at White Pine Institute.  We were once again graced by the presence and wisdom of Dr. Huang Huang.  This is Dr. Huang’s third year of coming to our Institute to teach and, for me, this was better than ever.  Dr. Huang brings some extraordinary qualities to his teaching that can make an experience with him resonate and inspire in many ways.

We all noticed that Dr. Huang uses his big presence and energy to reflect on the power of the classic formulas and on the genius of Zhang Zhongjing.

He is far from meek but all of his sense of self is in service of a larger goal – spreading the miracle of the Jing Fang.  He does not ever make it about himself. […]

Part 2: Huang Huang on Gan Cao

As promised, this is part 2 of the presentation on Gan Cao.  I hope you all enjoy and benefit from this.  Don’t hesitate to leave comments and please remember that Dr. Huang Huang is coming to teach us at the end of July.  His topic will be pediatrics.  We will be learning about the following issues and how to treat them with classic formulas:

  • ADD and behavior problems
  • Allergies: Respiratory and Food
  • Asthma and chronic colds
  • Developmental problems
  • Sleep issues and phobias
  • Neonatal issues
  • Skin issues like eczema
  • Digestive issues

This will be streamed live and is approved for California and NCCAOM CEUs.

Treating Children with Classic Formulas

This entry is written to inspire practitioners to participate in the upcoming weekend with Dr. Huang Huang.  He will be teaching on pediatrics.  I’ve been studying with Dr. Huang Huang for the last almost 4 years and there are ways my work with him has transformed my practice.  Below is an example from my practice that shows how effective classic formulas and diagnosis by body type can be for children.  I am now in the middle of translating the handouts for the upcoming class with Dr. Huang and am so excited by what I am reading.  It will very much augment the knowledge I already have.  Remember that this 3 day course is being streamed live so you can attend from anywhere in the world!

Last autumn a patient of mine asked if I could take a look at her twin 3 year-olds.  This is often how it happens…a satisfied patient thinks of her children, wondering if there is some way this wonderful medicine could help them.



Update on China Trip

The study abroad trip to Nanjing is at this moment coming to an end after great success! There is talk of another course this summer so stay tuned. (The best way to make sure you hear about such opportunities is to sign up for the White Pine Newsletter).  There was a good contingent of students who have studied through White Pine Institute participating in the tour which was led by Greta Young Jie De.  Greta is a well know practitioner, interpreter, author, scholar in her own right and…. […]

I discovered a great blog

I recently discovered a new blog by a man named Eran Even from British Columbia, Canada.  It is primarily a case study blog with an emphasis on classic formulas.  I found it totally by accident.  It’s a gem of a blog!  You can access it here.

Eran is interested in many doctors.  He has done several excellent entries by one doctor in particular, Dr. Hu Xi-shu.  Coincidentally, Dr. Huang Huang mentioned Dr. Hu over the last weekend.  He was talking with us about Da Chai Hu Tang and how it can be combined with other formulas to treat bronchial asthma (only if there is strong abdominal pain on pressure).  One combination he mentioned was with Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan.  He told us that this combination, Da Chai Hu Tang and Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan was taught to him by none other than Dr. Hu Xi-shu!

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