Winter is coming.  My horses are getting fluffy – the better to keep me warm. Here at White Pine Institute we had a busy year.  Here is an update on what we have completed and what is to come!

We hosted wonderful live courses with Soma Glick, Dr. Huang Huang and Dr. Fu Yanling.  We also completed editing and made available the following courses:

Working with Cancer and Autoimmune Illnesses with Dr. Huang Huang

Classic Formulas for Pediatrics with Dr. Huang Huang

The Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteo Arthritis and Gout with Chinese Medicine with Dr. Yan Xiao Ping

Working with Women in Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum with Sharon Weizenbaum

I taught courses in New York and Chicago and Greta Young is leading the study abroad course as I write this.

So now what is coming up in this upcoming year?

I am teaching two courses in January and the newGraduate Mentorship Program is beginning in March 2012.

Please note that half of the cost of any live or distance learning course taught by me can be applied to the tuition of the Graduate Mentorship Program.

The first course I am teaching in the new year is  The Treatment of Bleeding Disorders in Women in Vancouver January 7 and 8. This course is both live and live-streamed.

January 21-22 I am teaching a course in New York entitled From Immune to Auto-immunity.

We will also have some great distance learning courses coming out in 2012:

Those of you who are have caught the Classic Formula bug will be delighted with two of our courses.  We feel so lucky to have these two courses taught by the students of Dr. Liu Du-Zhou.  If you want to know more about Dr. Liu and his work, you can check out these posts from our blog.

1.  January 9th a wonderful course by Dr. Zhang Wen-Xuan will be available.  Dr. Zhang teaches and expounds on his own and Dr. Liu Du-Zhou’s experience with several classic formulas including Líng Gùi Zhù Gān Tāng, Sān Huáng Xiè Xīn Tāng and finally Má Huáng formulas for the treatment of pain.  This course truly and quickly enhanced my own practice.  Here is a short review by Eran Evan (click here for Eran’s amazing blog!)

“Over the last several years I have had a deep fascination (obsession if you will) with the study of classical formulas (Jīng Fāng), specifically the works of Liú Dù-Zhōu and Hú Xī-Shù.  I had never heard of Dr. Zhāng Wén-Xuǎn, but when I discovered that he was a close student and disciple of Liú Dù-Zhōu I was intrigued.  After listening to this excellent course I can say without a certainty of doubt that we have another ‘Jīng Fāng’ master in our midst.  What I enjoyed most about the presentation was his elucidation of Dr. Liú’s theory on ‘water qi’ and the versatile uses of Líng Gùi Zhù Gān Tāng.  These varied uses offered a lot of food for thought and opened up many interesting and clinically relevant opportunities to implement the formula in our day-to-day practices”.  Eran Evan

2. Dr. Fu Yanling on the Use of Classic Formulas for Digestive Disorders: This course is taken from the edited footage of Dr. Fu’s November, 2012 course here in Amherst.  Dr. Fu is so clear and organized as well as a true clinician.  His material is rooted in his years of experience as well as his extensive training with Dr. Liu Du-Zhou.  This is a picture of Dr. Fu with two of my dogs!

3. You will be very inspired and will enhance your Shonishin skills with our course with Soma Glick.   The course we have edited from the course she taught shows not only the techniques and use of Shonishin, it also shows the manner in which Soma creates rapport with a whole variety of children – some who start off crying and resistant.

4. We will also be making available the first modules of theKanpo Course with Nigel Dawes.  Nigel taught this course here at White Pine Healing Arts.

5. Maybe some other surprises!

6. Our wish list includes hosting a Shonishin class with Rachel Hartstein and a return of some of our favorites!


In terms of my own study and work, I am continuing my study with Yaron Seidman.  In addition there are several wonderful translation projects I am working on.  This material will be included in the Graduate Mentorship Program and some will be featured on my blog.