This post will be an update about what is happening at White Pine Institute as well as in my own life here in Western Massachusettes.


First me:  I am beginning a new phase of life at age 60 that involves starting a small homestead/farm.  I am calling it Ancient Ponies Farm, after my two Dales Ponies, Japser and Spencer, who will be gracing this farm with their presence soon.  I’ll be having horses, chickens and hopefully bees.  Maybe goats eventually.  Collective gardens are being planned now.  There are already 15 fruit trees; pear, apple, peach and there will be nut trees and berry bushes.  The vegetable and herb (yes, Chinese herbs too!) gardens will be planned and the beds built this summer to be planted next spring.

View of South Pasture

This year I’ll harvest only fruit and garlic.  There are 13 acres to play with, including 1000 feet of frontage on a perenial brook, a five-stall horse barn and my new home.  If you’d like to keep up with what is happening on the homestead I am keeping a blog here.  And I hope many of you can visit as well.

As for White Pine Institute, the schedule for the next Graduate Mentorship Program is now up on our current site.  We are now working on a brand new website and a robust LMS (learning managment system) that will streamline the users experience in the next program.  This LMS system is called Canvas.   You will be informed when the new site is up and ready and at that point, registration for the 2018 program will open.

Bertha – Ready to Work

Well, that’s all for now!  My new tractor, Bertha and I are signing off!