White Pine Institute is hosting a unique teacher from Australia in May.  He is Bruce Bentley, a man who has devoted his life to traveling the world in the exploration and development of the ancient art of cupping.  He will teach his Three-day Master Class in Traditional East-West Cupping twice so that he can keep the groups small and intimate.  In his own words “You will be taught with meticulous care.”  There are still a few spots in each weekend.  (May 3-5 and May 10-12) You will learn skills that will last you a life time.

“We also introduce a traditional Moroccan method for infertility based on the ability of cups to withdraw coldness from the uterus.”

What we learn about cupping in our basic educations is often at a very gross level to circulate Qi and blood to stop pain.  However, cupping can be used both diagnostically and for treatment in a highly sophisticated manner, working with chronic, acute and serious illness.  Learn to

  • use cupping diagnostically
  • apply cups both locally and distally
  • apply warming cups
  • use liniments with cupping
  • applying cups to supplement deficiency, disperse accumulations, reduce inflammation and to improve the whole body circulation of blood and qi,

Students will learn to apply cups to treat

  • common cold and post-viral syndromes
  • a wide variety of deficiency conditions including kidney Yang deficiency
  • a variety of gynecological conditions including dysmenorrhea, infertility and pms.
  • indigestion and other gastro-intestinal illnesses