Getting to Rothenburg is not easy.  The flight is bound to have at least one stop and then there are several trains to take and finally a taxi from the train station.  I was there teaching two years ago and I was pooped by the time I arrived.  And yet, it is so worth it!  The city itself is spectacular and it is surrounded by farms and forests full of hiking trails.  The TCM Kongress is always held in May which is an exquisite time to be there. The Kongress itself is, I think, the largest and most prestigious in the world with esteemed speakers from all over the world.  It is well worth the long trip.

This year, I was invited to teach again and had it on my calendar.  Alas, the live Kongress cannot happen this year.  This is sad as so much of the Kongress is about meeting old friends in stone cafe’s and making new ones.  However, for those who don’t like to or can’t travel that far, paying for flights, hotels, and meals, it is an incredible opportunity.  Rothenburg will be done all through live streaming and video.  In another way, this is better in that you can watch and attend classes that in real-time overlap, which is impossible to do live.

Most of all, the program is stunning.

I will be teaching three courses:

  • The Central Relationship between Earth and Fertility in East Asian Herbal Medicine
  • Li Dong Yuan: More than Simply Spleen and Stomach
  • Explaining the Disease with the Diagnosis (And Not the other way around!)

Some highlights I will attend are:

As well as many others.  I hope many of you can attend.