We just finished our three day weekend with Soma. This weekend inaugurated our pediatric series beautifully and it was such a pleasure to study with her. The first two days of the course were didactic and the third day we began to practice and learn the Shonishin techniques she uses in her own practice. I think the whole group got much more comfortable with the tools and techniques of shonishin. Here are some photos from the class:

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In some ways, those 9 students who were streaming the course got a clearer sense of these methods than those attending live because our camera man, Dave was so mindful and skilled. He kept the camera right where it needed to be all the time, zooming in and panning out seamlessly. Here is a link for some of the video from the course so you can see for yourself. Notice how this child just calmed right down….[cincopa A4IAUmKszTZX]
For me, the most beneficial part of the course was watching Soma treat the kids – 8 kids in all. Her ability to create rapport with both the children and parents is amazing and it was great to see how she could move around and be flexible according to the needs of the child. We saw the sequence of Shonishin techniques, the amount of time she spent on the various techniques and got a sense of which kinds of points and techniques to use in various situations. I think we all left empowered to treat children – or at least inspiredd to try!

There is a brand new Shonishin book out now. Here is a link for it.