Below is a little movie clip of me using the 7-star hammer on my ankle to draw blood…read on.   Two days ago I went out riding alone on my Connemara mare, Dellah.  It was a spectacular spring day.  She’s got some “issues” out on the trail that I’ve been slowly attempting to help her with by building her confidence.  She gets flustered easily by things like flowing water, white maple syrup buckets, bicycles, and all manner of imaginary threats.  She was going great until we came to the Roaring Brook River.  She’s crossed it many times before and would have had no trouble if another horse had been in front of her.  We began to cross and, as she moved quickly to the other side, she got flustered, moving quickly to the left and then quickly to the right .  I felt my ankle twist in the stirrup and found myself on the ground on the other side of the river.  Bummer!

It was my right ankle so I could easily remount and I decided I wanted to finish my ride.  It was also better for her for me to not make a big deal out of the accident.

Later my ankle swelled up and walking became really difficult.  I took an epson salt bath and slept well.  The next day I decided to use some of my knowledge for myself.

I brought out my 7-star hammer and cups and Amber Massage Salve and got to work.

I hammered my swollen ankle hard enough to draw blood and slathered some salve on it. (Click for little movie of the hammering to bring out the blood IMG_0701)


Then I placed  a firm cup on the area.

I moved the cup around.  More blood was drawn this way.

The result of this treatment was that my ankle was about %50 better by that evening and about %75 better by this morning!  I did the treatment again this morning.  The photos here are from the 2nd treatment today.  It is a rather intense treatment but so worth it!   I’m going riding again today!





Here is Dellah rolling after this infamous  ride while Sierra and Pumpkin look on.