Toby Daly

Last autumn, I decided to take a sabbatical starting April 8.  At the time, little did I know that my clinic would be closing by mid-March anyway.  My practice barely became telemedicine when I handed it over to Daniel Eng for the duration of my sabbatical.  At this point, it’s been two months since I’ve done acupuncture, save a few treatments on myself and the group I live with.  I find myself missing it.  This is especially true since I fell in love with Sa’am acupuncture, after studying with Toby Daly.  Sa’am acupuncture is so refreshing in its simplicity and effectiveness.  A year of practicing it only served to make me hungry to do and learn more.

I want to let people know that Toby Daly, my own teacher, will be teaching an introductory course on Sa’am through healthy seminars.

June 13 and 14, 2020.  This is a great time to learn these principles so you can restart your practice with this powerful form of medicine.

Toby is also teaching a class a one hour class on Structuring a Food Therapy Consultation on May 17, from 1-2 through Qiological.  I’ll be in that class for sure.  Toby is a delight to study with no matter what he is teaching.