Mei Gui Hua is a cultivated courtyard flower.  In addition to it having value as a beautiful flower to observe it also has worth as a medicinal herb.

It is warm and harmonious.  It primarily courses and raises, being able to course and raise the Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen and Lung Qi.  It is an herb that nourishes the Heart and Liver blood vessels.  It is not really an attacking herb.  Because the characteristics of this herb are even and harmonious and it is warm without being drying, it courses without damaging the Yin.  It is suitable for women who have weaker bodies in which the blood vessels are not open through and the Qi mechanism is stagnant and constrained.  Furthermore, the fragrance is sweet and refreshing.

It refreshes the Heart and makes a person feel happier.

By boosting both the Liver and Spleen, this is a primary herb to treat Liver blood stasis in women.  I often use to treat irregular menstruation, red and white leucorrhea, illnesses relating to early or late menstruation, and menopausal syndrome especially when these are accompanied by autonomic nervous dysfunction women’s pathology.  It is very effective.

If the menstruation is late or scanty with dysmenorrhea and mental dysphoria I often use Mei Gui Hua 1 gm, Yi Mu Cao 1 gm, Ji Xue Teng 20 gm, Dan Shen 15 gm, Dang Gui 10 gm, Chuan Xiong 6 gm, Bai Shao 10 gm, Fu Xiao Mai 15 gm, Hong Zao 10 gm decocted in water.

If there is red or white leucorrhea, the color being sometimes dark and sometimes pale, dripping without stopping and accompanied by vaginal itch with a bad smell, whole body fatigue, vexation and easy anger, I often use Mei Gui Hua 10 gm, Dang Gui 10 gm, Chuan xiong 6 gm, Dan Shen 15 gm, Mu Dan Pi 10 gm, Tu Fu Ling 20 gm, Yi Mu Cao 10 gm, Chuan Duan 10 gm, Bai Zhu 10 gm, Ze Xie 10 gm, Gan Cao 6gm decocted in water.

If a woman easily catches colds before her menstruation with whole body fatigue, breast distention and pain, vexation and a tendency to anger, heart palpitations, insomnia, poor appetite and this is accompanied by edema, dysmenorrhea, dark menstruation that is scanty, stagnant and mixed with clots, I often use Mei Gui Hua 15 gm with Fou Shou Hua 10 gm, Bai Shao 10 gm, Dang Gui 10 gm, fu Ling or Fu Shen 6 gm, Dan Shen 15 gm, Zhi Shi 6 gm, Yi Mu Cao 10 gm, He Ye 10 gm and Hong Zao 10 gm, decocted in water.

When a woman is nearing the age of 50, her menstruation decreases and the cycle becomes irregular and the amount varies.  This may be accompanied by vexatious heat, heart palpitations, insomnia and whole body fatigue.  In this kind of case I often use Mei Gui Hua 10 gm with Fu Xiao Mai 20 gm, Hong Zao 15 gm, Yi Mu Cao 10 gm, Chuan Duan 10 gm, Ji Xue Teng 20 gm, Shan Zhu Yu 10 gm, Ze Xie 10 gm and Dan Shen 15 gm, decocted in water.

In short, Mei Gui Hua body is light and it is fragrant and refreshing.  It is able to course the Liver and refresh the Spleen.  It makes the blood sufficient and the Qi full.  It will dispel stasis and generate the new.  It can be combined with either Yin or Yang formulas and either way it will open and smooth the Qi mechanism and harmonize the blood vessels.  The goal of treatment will be attained.