I posted this article 2 years ago and got so many comments!  Quite a few people wanted me to sell them some of this herb.  One person scolded me for encouraging people to hike in the land around the Quabbin Reservoir.  It’s hard to believe that some people didn’t believe the information!

Can an herb actually improve a patient’s luck or Karma?  Let’s take a look at the amazing Giant Milky Milk Weed…..


This past autumn I had the chance to do some fascinating field research in Chinese herbology.  This is a picture of me climbing the giant milk weed near the shores of the Quabbin reservoir.  Treacherous as this work is…it is so worth it.

The Quabbin reservoir in Western Massachusetts provides water to the entire Boston area.  It was built in the 1930’s during which five towns were demolished and submerged.


Here is a picture of the town of Enfield before it was flooded for the reservoir:

Rumor has it that this area is haunted by the sprits of these old lost towns.  During my research, I set out to discover if this was true. I hiked into what used to be the western side of the toown of Dana there there are old foundations and roads that travel eerily into the depth of the water.  It is only in this ghost town and a sister three-gorges-dam ghost town in China that one can find the Da Nai Nai Cao – Giant Milky Milk Weed.  I did find some of this plant in what used to be the town of Dana.  It is quite magnificent though dangerous to study or harvest due to the great heights one must climb up the stem to get into close contact.

I harvested some of this plant and began to use it in my clinic right away.  Though at this point the information is relatively anecdotal, it certainly indicates promising results that deserve further research.

Since beginning to use Da Nai Cao in the formulas for people  who suffer from unfulfilled desires, hard luck and general symptoms of being a wreck, I’ve noticed the following results:

  • 2 patients have won the lottery (5 dollars and 1 million)
  • 1 patient met the man of her dreams
  • 2 patients met the woman of their dreams
  • 1 patient was fired from a job she hated only to be hired into a position she had always wanted that same day
  • 1 patient got offers for 3 different hollywood roles after having unsuccessfully auditioned for roles for the past 15 years.
  • 6 patients were given large objects including a house, a car, a horse, a trip to Spain, and a trip in a hot air balloon.
  • One patient who was unable to walk without a walker got up and clicked her heels in the air and is now studying tap.
  • One awkward 120 pound teenage boy was chosen for varsity football and immediately got 3 touch downs.
  • The skin of all my patients became luminous.
  • 8 patients reported having contact with relatives who had passed away – not the ones they didn’t want to have contact with!
  • My daughter was able to memorize Chinese characters and grammar patterns after looking at them only once.
  • Sony Pictures offered to turn my blog into a television series to be aired right after The Dog Whisperer.

All of these patients, including myself and my daughter reported having dreams in which we were walking through the old submerged towns, able to breath under water, talking with the town folk, some from submerged Chinese villages and some from submerged Quabbin towns, who all said they “just wanted to visit a bit”.  Somehow, all of us could understand Chinese in our dreams!  Go figure!

Conclusion: The harvest season for this year came to a close but I did manage to get 20 pounds of “fluff” that I am storing in a warehouse behind Dairy Queen.  Good stuff!

Somehow digital cameras work in Da Nai Nai Cao dreams, even underwater.  My friend took this picture while I was in a dream.  It is me walking on top of the Quabbin with my friends at sunset after visiting with the ghosts below.

I’d love to hear about the experiences of others.