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From Jack Radner about Engaging Vitality

Engaging Vitality, Module 1 October 15-16, 2016, in Amherst, MA at White Pine Healing Arts 13 CEU’s Available This will be the first weekend of a three-weekend series.  It will be a hands-on introduction to a variety of palpation techniques that put you directly in touch with your patients’ qi.  These techniques originated in the world of Osteopathic Medicine, and when incorporated into the practice of East Asian Medicine and Acupuncture, they allow you to get more information and understanding every time you put your hands on a patient.  They compliment pulse diagnosis and abdominal diagnosis, but give you a fuller picture, and more directly inform your choice of channels and effective points for treatment. I was introduced to this material in 2000, by Dan Bensky, when I started as a student SIOM.  There are many palpatory tools that are part of the Engaging Vitality system  and though I worked with some of them from early on in my practice, they didn’t all come together in an organized and meaningful way until Dan Bensky, Chip Chase and Marguerite Dinkins reformulated their methods of teaching into the current three-weekend Engaging Vitality program in 2012. That year, I attended all three classes in Portland, OR, and began to use the all of the material every day in my practice. I have since hosted [...]

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East Coast Engaging Vitality Course

One of the practitioners at White Pine Healing Arts, Jack Radner, is offering the Module I of the Engaging Vitality course here in Amherst this October.  You can download the  Engaging Vitality Flyer here.  You can get more information at the website, and also contact Jack directly with any questions at

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