Have you ever wanted to go deeply into a body of Chinese medical knowledge, taking your time, making sure you really get what is being taught in a way that allows you to integrate it into your clinic?  Have you wanted to do this with the guidance of supportive leading practitioners and scholars in our field, able to ask them questions and clarify your confusions?  Have you wanted to do this in a community of learners that you get to know over time as you share your clinical quandaries and successes?

Well, here is your chance.  Based on the highly successful learning environment created by White Pine Institute for the Graduate Mentorship Program, a unique learning opportunity has been created.

Last March, Dr. Yu Guo-Jun,  author of A Walk Along the River, and A Walk Along the River II, came to the eastern United States to teach.  He taught two lectures at the Shen Nong Society conference in NYC, on Wu Mei Wan and Ministerial Fire.  Then he taught for three wonderful days through White Pine Institute in Amherst, MA teaching 1) From Complexity to Simplicity, 2) Learning from Mistaken Treatment and 3) Dr. Yu’s 10 Favorite Formulas.

Now, White Pine Institute and the Shen Nong Society are very pleased to announce a year-long study of Dr. Yu Guo-Jun’s texts and lectures, moderated and guided by the following practitioner/scholars:

  • Andy Ellis
  • Steve Clavey
  • Dr. Eran Even
  • Dr. Daniel Eng
  • Phill Settels
  • Sally Rappeport
  • Caroline Radice
  • Sharon Weizenbaum

We are offering these courses in a format that will profoundly deepen your relationship to the material he taught during these rich days, as well as the material in his two texts.  During this 17 module course, in addition to all the video/audio being available right away when you register, the classes will then be broken down into digestible portions, beginning October 1, 2019.  Each module will include a section of video/audio, a reading from his books, a discussion forum for this portion and flashcards of the formulas and concepts from the module material.  In a community of peers and experienced practitioners, you’ll have a chance to ask questions, share your interpretations and clinical experience and understand the nuances of this incredible material.  This is a unique environment for in-depth study and integration.

Please click here for more information and registration