This picture shows the relationship between the green wood element and the lungs (I hope!)  This is part of what Professor Feng Shi-Lun is talking about in this sample presentation.  He goes into depth regarding the importance of addressing excess presentations, especially blood stasis, in the treatment of asthma.  This material is taken from over 50 hours of material that make up his from his 10 month online course.  I plan to put up more of Professor Feng’s and Professor Hu Xi-Shu’s work in this blog.

I’ve been practicing and studying Chinese medicine for 30 years now.  I have found that my own continuous studying and searching for answers to clinical conundrums has always been worthwhile.  The feeling of having seriously delved into a deep study and then having the pay off in the clinic – marked by a sense of direct understanding and the treatment being clearly and quickly effective – is just so good.  Even addictive!

Recently I gave an assignment to my students in the Graduate Mentorship Program to write up a case in which their approach was very different to what they would have done before our classes.  I wanted them to write about an experience, if they had had one, in which , based on what the’ve learned in our course, they really had that feeling of KNOWING what is going on, clearly and without doubt.  Beyond that, that they had the sense of KNOWING the correct treatment path and in which the results showed they were correct.

As I’ve continued to study and to sleuth around for answers to my clinical confusions, I too sometimes have this sense in my practice: The sense that I can clearly see what is going on with my patient and confidently know what to do and then am successful.  It is my wish for this that has led me to study with Professor Feng Shi-Lun, Director of the Hu Xi-Shu research institute.  Indeed his teachings have given me more of these experiences.

I very much want to inspire Chinese herbal practitioners to take the upcoming 10-month unique course with professor Feng Shi-Lun so I have created and uploaded a short sample of what you will be receiving.  This is a short presentation while the entire course is over 50 hours. During the 10 months Professor Feng will go deeply into each of the 6 channel relationships to the 8 parameters.  The theoretical foundation of Hu Xi-Shu’s approach to the Shang Han Lun is very clear and helpful, especially the way he integrates the 8 parameters.  This discussion is rich with clinical examples.  His view of the Shang Han Lun is very unique.  He will then apply this view of the Shang Han Lun to various illnesses including but not limited to Asthma and Emotional disorders.  For me, this material has filled in many gaps in my understanding and has truly benefitted my patients.  You will see from the presentation that, in addition to Professor Feng’s deep clinical experience, the students will also benefit from added resources from Greta Young Jie De ((The interpreter you see in the video), Eran Even and Sharon Weizenbaum.

I think and hope you will learn a lot just from this short presentation and be inspired to study more.  Link to information about the 10 month course with Professor Feng Shi-Lun.  Don’t forget that students who complete this program receive a 14% discount on the 2 week study trip to Beijing to study with Professor Feng.  Information about this trip will be posted soon!