Today 4 new White Pine Institute courses are being launched.  These courses represent a range of what we are interested in here at the institute.  Below I go into some detail about the course on Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum and it’s origins in theGraduate Mentorship Program – but before that, here are links to find out more information or purchase the 4 spanking new courses as well as a link to short excerpts form each of the courses for you to check out:

Link to view excerpts from each course

Information about each course

The Treatment of Women During Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum with Chinese Herbs

Dr. Huang Huang on Classic Formulas and Body Types for Pediatrics

Dr. Huang Huang on Classic Formulas Cancer and Autoimmune Illnesses

Dr. Yan Xiaoping on the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout and Osteoarthritis.

That being out of the way,  I’d like to introduce the course on The Treatment of Women During Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum with Chinese Herbs.  This is a comprehensive course and the first of it’s kind to be available.  It represents years of work.  In fact, I think back to 1990, when I first started studying with Dr. Qiu Xiaomei and Dr. Cheng Yufeng, her protégé.  I received a copy of Dr. Qiu’s book, Dr. Qiu Xiaomei’s Experience in Gynecology.  Not long after my time in China, I remember being pregnant, sitting in the Honey Bear coffee house in Seattle with a dictionary, laboriously trying to translate the table of contents of this book, hungry to simply find out what was in it!  20 years later, my daughter now 20, the handouts for this course now contain most of this entire book and I’ve been working with Dr. Qiu’s methods in the clinic for this whole time.  In addition to material from Dr. Qiu’s book, I’ve also translated and organized a great amount of other material – case studies and commentary from excellent doctors from our lineage to illustrate the concepts taught in the course .  When the handouts for each module of this course are put together in a notebook, practitioners then have a solid, well organized text that is meant to be used as the primary clinical reference text for their work with women during pregnancy.

The course on pregnancy, labor and postpartum was created from video taken from one of the eight, 3-day weekends of the Graduate Mentorship Program so I thought this would be a good opportunity to put a plug in for this unique course.  I created the Graduate Mentorship Program over 10 years ago and am now teaching it for the 6th time.  I had been teaching workshops here and there but found that I never knew how much of what I taught was absorbed and integrated for the students.  I very much wanted to work with students over time to deepen skills rather than to simply give information.  I wanted to stay in touch with students so that I could pay attention to what was and wasn’t making sense and coming alive in their practices.  The Graduate Mentorship Program gave me this opportunity.

When you join the Graduate Mentorship Program you not only attend, stream or view later, these eight weekends – you also receive the kinds of reference text handouts described above for each segment.  But more, a forum is created for students to stay in touch with me and with each other.  After a three day weekend, weekly optional assignments are sent to students that include listening to portions of the previous class, readings and flashcards.  So we take the material we have just studied and break it down into workable bite-sized pieces that allow students to integrate and work with the concepts just studied.

Just a note that students who take the Pregnancy course can use half of the cost for this course toward the Graduate Mentorship Program.