The first weekend of the Graduate Mentorship Program launched the new 2012 program.  40 students attended the program live while over 50 streamed live all the way from the Netherlands, Israel, Vancouver, California and beyond.  There are another 25 who are doing the program totally through the distance learning format, watching the video footage after the weekend and participating in the mentorship aspects.  It was such a great group of students!  Really, it is so nice for a teacher to have students looking awake and interested for 3 whole days.  It seemed that students felt comfortable as well.  They asked many great questions so there was a spirit of  conversation and exploration.  Students who were streaming live were also able to ask questions through the chat function and moderator.  When ever I asked a question, many students piped up and spoke as well.  For me, the weekend was really fun.

I’m very excited for the remaining time with this group.  So many smart and inspiring people!