We have finished two of the three days with Dr. Huang here in Amherst.  It’s been a wonderful long weekend with Dr. Huang and his wife, Pu.  The weather has been glorious with cool good sleeping nights so we all arrive well rested.  I’ll be putting up some clips of the weekend here in the next couple of weeks to show some of the many gems Dr. Huang has shared.

However, we must introduce the weekend with Dr. Huang’s own song about classic formulas!

Dr. Huang wrote the words and is singing the song.  His younger brother wrote and performs the music in the background.  We recorded this here over the weekend.

For the chinese characters and music for this song you can go to Dr. Huang’s forum to check it out.

Here is what the words mean

What Shen Nong tasted

and Minister Yi Yin prepared,

This is the origin of the classic formulas.

The disease matches the formula,

The presentation matches the herbs,

This is Zhongjing’s eternal method

for all generations.

Let us all integrate the new and the old

to express the ancient knowledge

We all can be relied upon

to diligently spread

these classic formulas

to all humanity.

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