Last November Dr. Fu Yan-Ling came here to teach on the use of classic formulas in the treatment of digestive disorders.  This was a wonderful course that gave us all more skill in our clinic.  One patient who appears in the course suffered from years of Crohn’s Disease. After seeing Dr. Fu during class and following up, has been disease free now for 5 months.

I am in the process of editing this material now and thought this clip would make a good blog entry.  I place it here in the spirit of helpful tidbits.  This bit was part of Dr. Fu’s discussion on Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang.

In this short presentation Dr. Fu also speaks about the origin of Zhang Zhong-Jing’s formulas. He refers to Dr. Yi Yin, 伊尹, who was a cook originally!

I think you will learn something here about how and why to use Da Zao in your formulas.

Click here to open the presentation

We will be offering this entire course beginning in June as a 6 week online course.  Registrants will have the opportunity during the 6 weeks to ask Dr. Fu questions and discuss the material between themselves.  3 hours of the presentation will be posted each week for a total of 6 weeks/18 hours.  This innovative interactive course gives 18 CEUs.  Stay tuned for more information!