The Divine Peasant, Shen Nong

A commercial break in our discussion of the 5 wonderful formulas to let people know about a course on the organization of the Shang Han Lun taught through understanding amazingly useful formulas.  This course is being taught by me, Sharon Weizenbaum, in 8 cities in North America.  Click here for more information.  Below is a description of the course followed by a list of cities and contacts for Registration:

Course Description

There is a saying that there is a difference between a good herbal treatment and a correct herbal treatment.   We all can work at a level in which our patients do well enough on the herbs we give them.  However, when we have had the experience of stumbling upon a truly accurate herbal formula and seeing our patient’s complex issues resolve almost magically, we get a glimpse into the true power of Chinese herbal medicine.  Coming upon a correct formula with intention rather than by accident can be a daily occurrence in your clinic.

This is where Classic formulas come in.

There is much talk these days about Classic Formulas.  Why?  In part this is because the formulas from the Shang Han Za Bing Lun work differently than more modern Chinese herbal formulas.  How?  For example, rather than nourishing Blood or Yin, a classic formula will correct the body’s function of producing its own Blood and Yin.  Rather than clearing heat from the skin, a classic formula will aim at the deeper mechanism that has allowed heat to accumulate in the skin.  Instead of directly draining damp heat, a classic formula corrects the Qi mechanism so that the dampness and heat are resolved.  The level of health that is achieved with a Classic formula is often more profound and the results are more long lasting.  The formulas are succinct and exact and they work like a key in a lock.

Zhang Zhong Jing

However, it is not just the formulas themselves that are unique.  The organization of the Shang Han Lun itself, when understood properly, offers a unique diagnostic system.  It is this system that guides us to the correct formulas.  It is then that the ability of these formulas to treat chronic, acute, internal and external issues becomes clear.

This two-day workshop will give students the basic outline of the diagnostic system of the Shang Han Lun.  We will focus on 6 amazingly useful formulas that will illustrate the entire system in a general way.  In addition this will give students powerful herbal tools that will be immediately applicable in their clinics.  In going deeply into the mechanisms of these formulas, we will develop an understanding of how a healthy body works and how these formulas return the body to health.

We will look at the dynamics and use of the following formulas through writings and cases from a variety of Chinese doctors and Sharon Weizenbaum’s own practice.   You will leave with not only a knowledge of how and when to use these formulas, but a deep grasp of the formula presentation that will give you the skills for the correct application of the formula.  You will also leave with an understanding of the underlying structure of the Shang Han Lun that will enlighten you on the use of a great many other classic formulas.

Cinnamon Twig Decoction (guì zhī tāng)  : How to use this formula for the treatment of anxiety, digestive illness (ulcer, crohn’s disease, inability to swallow), skin issues, asthma.

Tai Yang/Yang Ming: Major Bluegreen Dragon Decoction (dà qīng lóng tāng): How to use this formula for the treatment of agitation, lyme’s disease, gout, postpartum water swelling, spring warmth, uterine bleeding

Shao Yang/Yang Ming: Bupleurum plus Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell Decoction (chái hú jiā lóng gǔ lì tāng): How to use this formula for the treatment of epilepsy, depression, deafness, tinnitus, impotence, parkinson’s, pediatric hyperactivity

Running Piglet

Tai Yang/Tai Yin:  Fu Ling Gui Zhi Da Zao Gan Cao Tang: How to use this formula for Ben Tun, heart palpitations, insomnia, abdominal pain, panic attacks.

Tangkuei and Peony Powder (dāng guī sháo yào sǎn): How to use this formula for the treatment of pre-eclampsia, malposition of fetus, blood diseases, ovarian cyst, endometriosis, habitual miscarriage, hypertension.

Pinellia Decoction to Drain the Epigastrium (bàn xià xiè xīn tāng), Fresh Ginger Decoction to Drain the Epigastrium (shēng jiāng xiè xīn tāng), Licorice Decoction to Drain the Epigastrium (gān cǎo xiè xīn tāng): How to use this formula for the treatment of  vaginal pain, insomnia, infertility, headache, tinnitus, mouth ulcers.

Jue Yin: Mume Pill (wū méi wán): How to use this formula for the treatment of amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, headache.

Shao Yin: Aconite Accessory Root Decoction (fù zǐ tāng): How to use this formula for the treatment of hypertension, palpitations, vasculitis, impotence, shoulder pain, uterine fibroid, vaginal itch, uterine prolapse

 Locations and Contacts:

Minneapolis, MN (December 7-8, 2013) Joi Thomas

Edmonton, Alberta (December 14-15, 2013) : Cecil Horwitz

Boston 1-day (January 4, 2014) New England School of Acupuncture

Austin, TX (January 11-12, 2014) Ann Mowat

Burlington, VT (February 1-2, 2014) Liming Tseng

Raleigh, NC (February 22-23, 2014) Heather McIiver

PCOM: New York, NY (March 22-23) Cynthia Neipris

San Francisco, CA (March 29-30, 2014) ProD Seminars

If you have any questions about this course, please contact Sharon at