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Excerpt on Si Ni San from the Huang Huang weekend

You can access this presentation here.

The weekend with Dr. Huang was so rich.  Here is a picture of our group.  (click on it for a larger view) Notice that my daughter, Zoe, is in the picture with the green sweater.  She has become a real sinophile and is even becoming interested in Chinese medicine.  Through highschool she studied Chinese at Mt. Holyoke college, finishing 3rd year there.  She will be a freshman this autumn at Middlebury College, wanting to continue in Chinese and add another language (possibly Arabic!).    She acted as the driver/hostess/interpreter for the Huang’s, coming to all of our dinners and sitting in on class.

A formula such as Si Ni San is a sort of picture or mirror image of a certain type of person with certain types of problems.

Before moving into the topic of cancer and autoimmune illnesses, Dr. Huang began the teachings by discussing some of the most foundational formulas from the Shang Han Lun.  These are the formulas he finds the most useful in his own practice.  It is clear from these teachings that formulas contain important clinical keys.  So, a formula such as Si Ni San is a sort of picture or mirror image of a certain type of person with certain […]

Dr. Huang sings out about classic formulas!

We have finished two of the three days with Dr. Huang here in Amherst.  It’s been a wonderful long weekend with Dr. Huang and his wife, Pu.  The weather has been glorious with cool good sleeping nights so we all arrive well rested.  I’ll be putting up some clips of the weekend here in the next couple of weeks to show some of the many gems Dr. Huang has shared.

However, we must introduce the weekend with Dr. Huang’s own song about classic formulas!

Dr. Huang wrote the words and is singing the song.  His younger brother wrote and performs the music in the background.  We recorded this here over the weekend.


Si Ni San Drink

On our first day of class, Dr. Huang went into great depth about Si Ni San.  He talked about the presentation that matches Si Ni San and gave us a variety of useful modifications.  Just before lunch he taught us a recipe for patients to make at home that will have a similar action to Si Ni San.  Here is the recipe:

Lemon juice



Mei Gui Hua

The amounts of each ingredient can vary depending on the preferences of the person drinking.

Our garden here has a patch of lemon ginger mint so we poured some hot water of a mix of fresh lemon ginger mint and Mei Gui Hua and after it steeped we mixed in a lot of cold water, lemon and honey.  Everyone had a cup of this delicious drink.  We all agreed that someone should market this!  Yummy and relaxing.

Ten Key Formula Families for Cancer

I created this presentation to give you all a chance to see how I’ve applied Dr. Huang Huang’s work for cancer patients.  Dr. Huang Huang is coming to teach at White Pine Healing Arts this July for 3 days on this topic.  I’m really excited for this course.  Already, his teachings on the 10 key formula families has influenced my work with patients suffering from cancer in such a positive way.  I’ve tried to illustrate this in this presentation.  My hope is that this will inspire students and practitioners to study with Dr. Huang.

To access the presentation click here

To get information about Dr. Huang Huang’s July course click here

For information about the 10 Key Formula Family online course click here

Huang Huang on Zhi Gan Cao Tang: Text and Video Presentation

Last February, Dr. Huang Huang gave a 4 day seminar on the Ten Key Formula Families in San Francisco.  Here is a link to view an excerpt of this seminar pertaining to Zhi Gan Cao Tang. (Eric Brand is the translator for this excerpt)   Below is written material about the formula from Dr. Huang Huang, translated by Sharon Weizenbaum.  If you are interested, the entire course is available by going to This Link.

Dr. Huang Huang writes on Zhi Gan Cao Tang

Formula Constituents

Zhi Gan Cao        12-24 grams
Sheng Jiang        9-18
Ren Shen             6-12
Sheng Di Huang  50-100
Gui Zhi                 9-18
E Jiao                   6-12
Mai Men Dong    12-24
Huo Ma Ren        12-24
Da Zao                30-60

Formula Cooking Method

For the above 9 ingredients, use seven sheng of clear wine and eight sheng of water.  First boil eight ingredients to get three sheng and remove the dregs.  Add the E Jiao and warm until it is completely dissolved.  Take one sheng warm and drink 3 times a day.

Original Text

  1. When there is cold damage, knotted pulse and heart pulsations, Zhi Gan Cao Tang rules (177)
  2. The Qian Jin Yi says that Zhi Gan Cao Tang returns the pulse:  It treats deficiency and depletion with sweating and stuffiness with knotted pulsations. This keeps going without cease.
  3. The Wai Tai says that Zhi Gan Cao Tang treats […]
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