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Mei Gui Hua By Dr. Ban Xiu-Wen

Mei Gui Hua is a cultivated courtyard flower.  In addition to it having value as a beautiful flower to observe it also has worth as a medicinal herb.

It is warm and harmonious.  It primarily courses and raises, being able to course and raise the Liver, Gallbladder, Spleen and Lung Qi.  It is an herb that nourishes the Heart and Liver blood vessels.  It is not really an attacking herb.  Because the characteristics of this herb are even and harmonious and it is warm without being drying, it courses without damaging the Yin.  It is suitable for women who have weaker bodies in which the blood vessels are not open through and the Qi mechanism is stagnant and constrained.  Furthermore, the fragrance is sweet and refreshing.

It refreshes the Heart and makes a person feel happier.

By boosting both the Liver and Spleen, this is a primary herb to treat Liver blood stasis in women.  I often use to treat irregular menstruation, red and white leucorrhea, illnesses relating to early or late menstruation, and menopausal syndrome especially when these are accompanied by autonomic nervous dysfunction women’s pathology.  It is very effective. […]

Ji Xue Teng

The Use of Ji Xue Teng in Gynecology

By Ban Xiuwen

Translated by Sharon Weizenbaum

Ji Xue Teng was first recorded in the Ben Cao Guan Mu.

It comes from the evergreen wood.  There are three types of Ji Xue Tang: 3 leaf Ji Xue Teng, Ya Dou Teng and Kun Ming Ji Xue Teng.  In the past there were not many clinical usages deligated to Ji Xue Teng.  However, in the 60’s of the 20th century, while gathering and organizing folk remedies, gradually clinical doctors began to pay attention and the application of this herb has become quite broad. […]

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The Relationship Between the Heart and Gynecology

By Ban Xuiwen

Translated by Sharon Weizenbaum

Ban Xiuwen was born in 1919. He is a gynecologist and is well known for his use of classic formulas for women’s health issues. He has written on the Jin Gui Yao Lue as well as on the relationship of the 6 levels and gynecology. I hope to have more writings of his posted here.

Zhang Zhong Jing wrote

Yin and blood are the root of the menstruation. There is no Zang that is without it”. We can see that there is a very close relationship between the 5 Zang and women’s menstruation, discharges, pregnancy and birth. Though the relationship between the Heart and gynecology is not well known or discussed in detail, I consider the place of the heart in relation to gynecology to be very important. When we analyze gynecological pathology and the rules for prescribing formulas in treatment, the Heart has significance. […]

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