Our new clinic opens April 1! Here’s a picture of our receptionist (obviously a bit of an airhead!) Actually it is in the same place with the same people but our approach has expanded so much that we are considering it a brand new clinic.  It is now called White Pine Complementary Care Clinic!  We are very excited to expand what we are offering and are already seeing our results and popularity soar.

I’ve been interested in complimentary medicine for many years but somehow, the way I was educated did not seem to make room for it.  I had to really start thinking outside the box to come up with a way to implement this.

My own education focused on people’s problems. Constipation, weight gain, headaches, pain, acid reflux, acne.   This list is endless.  Our health history form should be called a “lack of health history form”.  How depressing to list all your problems and then have someone go over it with a fine toothed comb! I was sick of all this NEGATIVITY and so were my co-workers.  It is just so YIN!

To shift the focus to the positive is the skill of the complimentary doctor.

We put up a sign on our entry way door that says.  “We are so happy to have you visit us today!”.  Our receptionist is trained to carefully do observation diagnosis the moment someone enters.  She looks for the first sign of something magnificently GOOD going on with the patient.

It might be as simple as “wow, nice shoes.   Where did you get them?” or, if she is being as observant a diagnostician as we hope, as detailed as “your hair color is so amazing.  When the sun hits it, I can see so many highlights”.  Then whispering, “this looks so completely natural.  If it’s not, I HAVE to have your hair dressers name!”

Starting a patient’s clinical experience this way goes a long long way toward improving their Qi dynamic.  You can see it in their eyes and complexion and posture right away.  When I come in and shake their hand I might comment on their firm handshake, soft skin or a pretty ring they are wearing.  We have them fill out a form that starts with “what’s going right for you today?” then goes on to “what do you like about your body?, What are your strengths as a person? etc…..When I feel pulses I mumble things like “I can sure feel this.  Nice!”  “Your heart is beating so rhythmically!”

We feel free to lie if we can’t think of anything true to say.  However we have learned to be careful of those ever so tempting underhanded compliments that every complimentary doctor can fall prey to: “That style of dress really camouflages your weight gain!” or “make up really helps your appearance” or “don’t worry honey, I’ve smelled worse” or “I think it is wonderful that your dog still loves you in spite of your acne”.

Having a complimentary clinic has relieved us greatly of the need for actual results.  Our patients are so happy and they believe they get results.  “I think these herbs are really helping.  You look great!”.

For our grand opening (see the pic of our wall in the parking area!) we are serving…yup, you guessed it, complimentary peanuts and home made fortune cookies.  We’ve been busy bees getting the cookies ready.

Stop by some time and wow, have you been working out?!!