I’ve been working many hours a day lately on the presentations I create from the footage from the White Pine Institute Graduate Mentorship Program.  The hours of footage from each weekend are prepared into presentations such as the one I’ll link you to today.

I am going to do a series of two presentations.  Today’s is on anemia in pregnancy and next week or so, I will post another on Toxemia and “Thick Blood” in pregnancy.  The skill here are very important for our work with pregnant women.  Some of the concepts may seem a bit foreign to you like the idea of “thick blood”.  Many of these concepts are explained and expanded upon the the Graduate Mentorship Program itself.

When working with pregnant women, we rely primarily on our Chinese medical diagnostic skills.  However, in the case of pregnant women, I am recommending and explaining the importance of paying attention to both the hematocrit and hemoglobin levels in our patients.  These reading can be extremely valuable for insuring a healthy outcome to a woman’s pregnancy.

Click here for the presentation to begin.  Please post any questions, additions or comments you have here.  I hope this is useful to you in your practices!  And Happy New Year!